Greater New York Havanese Club
Mission Statement

The Greater New York Havanese Club (GNYHC) is a local specialty breed club whose mission is to educate both the Havanese exhibitor and companion dog owner about the breed, its special needs, its health issues and to mentor new Havanese owners, companion and show homes alike.

Club objectives are to: support, encourage and educate its members about responsible breeding practices, the role of Havanese exhibitor, and endeavors to protect the breed through educating the public.

The GNYHC subscribes to the ethics code of the parent club, which is the Havanese Club of America, and the American Kennel Club.

The Greater New York Havanese Club was officially formed in July, 2005. It is licensed by the AKC to hold independent point shows and recognized by the parent club, The Havanese Club of America. We have meetings and events throughout the year. Please bookmark this site for updates on events and information.
Club Officers:

President ~ Alison Brackman
Vice President ~ Pat Ross
Treasurer/Membership ~ Judy Ness
Secretary ~ Lydia Liebman
Member Representative to the Board ~ Joan Ambrose
Member Representative to the Board ~Fran Caci

You may write to any officer care of the club email address
Contact Us
Or email us at GNYHC@yahoo.com
Bookmark this site to find out about upcoming events and information!Write to us and let us know you want to be on our email list to be notified important Havanese related information and upcoming events. Our email is sent BCC  and we never disclose email addresses.