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 GNYHC Mission Statement    
The Greater New York Havanese Club (GNYHC) is a specialty breed club whose mission is to educate both the Havanese exhibitor and pet owner about the breed: its special needs; its health issues and to mentor new Havanese owners.Club objectives are to: protect breed integrity, support and encourage public education, Havanese exhibition in shows, responsible breeding practices, disseminate information about breed health issues, participate in Havanese rescue, and host the GNYHC website.The GNYHC subscribes to the Code of Ethics, Constitution and By-Laws of the Havanese Club of America, and the American Kennel Club.
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It's Beginning to Feel A Lot Like..SPRING!

RECONSIDER Early Spay/Neutering of your new puppy!
​Only Pet Stores and high volume breeders must comply with NYC law to spay/neuter dogs before they are sold. Research shows there are negative health consequences for early spay neuter of puppies. You may wish to speak with your vet first.  The AKC has a position paper on the subject. There are many resources on the web to find out more about this issue.
Upcoming Events
April 8, 2018
GNYHC Spring Fling
Bring your Havanese to a wonderful gathering with other Havanese and their humans!  
Details and Sign up at the 
New York Havanese Meet-Up Group
By Reservation Only

Summer and Early Autumn Events

July 29, 2018
Sunday Picnic at Suffolk County Kennel Club Doggy Fun Day - Kings Park, NY
Everyone Invited! Bring your Havanese to this wonderful All Breed outdoor Doggy fun day! No reservations necessary. GNYHC picnic & meeting, all welcome! FMI click on this link

September 29, 2018  
Saturday Picnic Dog Expo and Show at Smithtown Historical Society, 239 E Main St Smithtown, NY 11787. No reservations necessary. GNYHC picnic & meeting, all welcome! FMI click on this link

October – Halloween Party 2018, NYC, TBA
For more information, please check our club website or email the club at